Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kitchen, Tiling, Painting etc etc etc

What a busy 4 weeks it has been!! There has been contractors at the house nearly every day.....we could count on one hand the days that nobody was working.

Where to start?? Well, the kitchen went in about 3-4 weeks ago. It has turned out nice. The cupboards are gloss polyurethane - in a charcoal type colour. The 40mm caesarstone benchtops also have gone in and look real snazzy. Some pictures of the kitchen below (they have covered all the benches and cupboards in bubble wrap now for protection - so the best picture was before the benches went in).

The bathroom tiling is now completed. We eneded up getting tiling to the ceiling. We are both very happy with how they have turned out. The electrical and plumbing fitout has been done - and the first coat of paint applied. The tilers were also back yesterday (yes - on a Saturday) starting the main floor tiling.

Our Site Supervisor will let us know this week what the PCI and Handover dates are likely to be. Fingers crossed we will be in around mid-late August.....

Kitchen....Charcoal Gloss Poly

Downstairs Living Room

Downstairs Rumpus Room

Home Theatre

Hall (looking from back of house)

Hall (looking from front of house)

Powder Room Shower

Powder Room Toilet

Powder Room Vanity

Main Bedroom TV Alcove (will have caesarstone top)

Main Bedroom Feature Wall

Main Bedroom Ensuite Spa Bath (14 jets with hot pump!)

Main Bedroom Ensuire His/Her Vanity

Main Bedroom Rainforest Shower (there will be a 2nd normal shower head added also)

Upstairs Lounge Feature Wall (play room)

Bedroom 2 Ensuite Shower (all other bedroom have similar ensuites)



  1. That's one schmick kitchen! Waiting avidly to see it finished.

  2. Looking good! Bet you're looking forward to that move in date :)

  3. Thanks guys. The kitchen was a bit of a gamble - we are hoping that all the colours work together. We certainly cannot wait to move in!! esp since our rental is so crappy :P

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  5. An attractive, clean countertop will make the entire kitchen look cleaner, more sanitary and more welcoming. The colors will make your décor pop and choosing a decorative, finished edge will bring more style and grace to your kitchen.

  6. Good choice with the Aspiration, we really liked that home and has some similar features & layout to the Majestic. What area are you building in?

  7. Hi!

    I hope you are still accepting comments. I think that these designs are great but you never get the full impact of the tile unless you physically touch it and see it live.

    Tiles truly can dynamically change a room and working with a local supplier is your best option.