Sunday, June 20, 2010

Plastered.......oh yeah!

We got plastered this week. No it was not the alcoholic type - but of the gyprocking kind :)

There was a few weeks delays finishing the lower roof due to all the rain Sydney had in the beginning of June. But the guys bolted down and got the roof completed a couple of weeks ago. We also finally had our electricity connected...which Wisdom were patiently waiting for me to organise. We wanted three phase power - but unlucky for us we have underground power - and our power was connected about 50m around the corner. I had to get a level 2 electrician to dig a trench and run extra cables. This alone cost a small fortune - but we are just happy it is now done.

Last week we had the insulation team come through. They were a lovely elderly couple (certainly not your typical tradesmen!). They installed all the bradford R2.0 wall and R3.5 ceiling batts. I also went through afterwards and installed some sound proofing batts in the ceiling between the home theatre and one of the upstairs bedrooms.

On Tuesday the plaster/gyprock team started. What a hard working bunch of guys. They were there at first light and worked like maniacs until it was dark. They got it all done in three days - which I thought was very impressive - considering it is a 51 square house. Then on Friday last week the stairs were installed - and we are very happy with how they have turned out.

I spoke with our SS on Friday arvo - and he reports the chippies are coming in on Tuesday to installt he doors so we can get to lock up. The Kitchen is then scheduled to go in on Wednesday!

Some pictures below....enjoy!

The house from the front with scaffolding down and roof completed:

The view from the front door:

Our lovely new staircase. It is not quite finished here. The under stairs door and plaster still need to be done:

The front entrance niches:

Entrance to home theatre:

Looking down the hall from the upstairs front balcony:

Living room and rumpus:

Kitchen & dining: