Monday, July 27, 2009

Waiting for Council....

Not heaps to report with the build....

BUT - our little bundle of Joy arrived to the world on Ssaturday! Baby Matthew weighed in a 2.96kg and was 50cm long. We cannot wait for the new house to be built so we can all move in :)

Our Demolition DA was approved last week - so that is good news. Also our Neighbour Notifiction for the build DA ended on the 22nd - and we are now at the evaluation stage. Hopefully not long untill it is approved. We should be submitting our pool DA next week - and we need that to get approved quickly - as there are some trees that need to be removed for the pool - and we want them to be removed at the same time as the house demolition.

Fingers crossed for a September start! We would very much like to be in our new house by April/May 2010....well before bubs first birthday!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Colour and Council

On Saturday we drove all the way down to Wisdom Minto display home to select all our colours. We did not realise how far Minto is! It is down near Campbelltown!

We selected our Brick colour a long time ago. It is called 'Earth' which is part of Austral Symmetry range.

We are having off-white mortar - which we think will look nice with our chocolate colour bricks. Originally, we were going to have a light grey for the windows - but we have just changed these to white - which we hope will look good with the off-white mortar.

We have a colorbond roof. We wanted a fairly light colour which contrasted with the bricks - so we have chosen 'Evening Haze' which is kind like a soft latte colour. The garage door will also be Evening Haze. After handover, we plan on cement rendering the portico and piers and painting them the same colour.

For our interior colours, we have chosen to have all the doors, cornices, architraves & windowsills white. The actual walls will be 'Malamute' - which is a like a real light grey. It is quite a warm colour - I will see I can find a jpeg of it.

We haven't quite decided on our Kitchen yet - but we think it will be graphite type colour poly cupboards and a lighter grey caesarstone benchtop (40mm with waterfall edge). We are going to try and make a trip out to the Kitchen company to help decide.

We also found out last week that our land is classified as being bushfire prone (we are on the very outer edge of the zone). Hopefully this does not cause too many complications. We think we will have to have some aluminium mesh screens on the open-able windows.

Finally, Wisdom called today to say our application had been submitted to council. Hooray! I just checked online and there is no DA number yet....but I am sure it will not be too far away :)