Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bricking for the roof!

As of Monday our brickwork was 99% completed. There is just the second storey window sills to go. In total there was over 20,700 bricks used! The guys worked hard and seem to have done a good job. There are a couple of cracked/chipped bricks in some places - but I am sure they will be replaced when I mention it to the site supervisor. They still need to be cleaned - but you can already see the nice mixture of browns (even some tinged with blue) coming through.

Today they installed the upstairs guttering - which is in 'Dune' colour. The SS tells me that the roofing should be delivered tomorrow with the roof to be installed next week! We cannot wait to see what the house looks like with a hat on :)

Fingers crossed for an August move in.

Some pictures attached:

Front of the house:

Close shot of garage:

Garage side wall (you can see the brick colour best here):

Front Portico:

Alfresco and pool area: