Monday, November 23, 2009

Now that is one big hole!

How time does fly. I cannot believe it has been so long since the last post! So much has happened.....

The house was demolished without too much fuss. It only took 4 days from start to finish. Here is a picture taken after the block was cleared:

After the house was demolished we had to get some extra excavation done for the 'overburden'. Our block is on the high side of the street and consequently slopes towards the street. As our house is having a cut of about 1m at the rear, we had to get rid of around 400 tonnes of soil in order to get the pool down to the same level as the back of the house. Take a look at our big hole:

The pool builder started the pool around the beginning of November. The steel and formwork was completed last week and today they finally finished the concreting:

We signed off with Wisdom last Friday - and we should have a site start within the next 2-3 weeks. We were hoping to have a Slab by Christmas - but then again we have to pay over $120k once this is done - so in some ways we would rather this done after the builders 4 week holiday period.

More posts to come soon!