Thursday, May 13, 2010

Roofity roof roof

Gday gday gday (I must be happy - i keep saying each word three times in my head!)

We finally had our colourbond Roof completed last week. Were there some issues? Yes there were....but we accept most of the blame for that. It all goes back almost 12 months when we did out orignal colour selections. We had decided on 'Evening Haze' colour for the roof, gutter, fascia, downpipes & garage. However - before we made out final colour sign off we had another meeting with Wisdom and asked to change all of the external coloubond colours from 'Evening Haze' to 'Dune'. Unlucky for us, every item on the list was changed...except somehow the roof colour was missed. Even though we checked a gazzillion times we still signed off on the colour sheet. So you can imagine our surprise when all the roof panels were delivered in Evening Haze colour (and gutter were already installed as Dune). Anyways - to cut a long story short - we had to live with our stuff up - as it was going to cost circa $5k to reorder the roof panels in Dune. Luckily, our SS allowed us to change our Garage door to 'Evening Haze' to match the roof - so in the end it is only the gutters that do not mactch. We have come to like it anyway - as the colours are so similar it kind of makes the roof stand out more anyway. Then the roofers miscalculated the amount of panels somehow - so we had a week delay whislt waiting for the rest to be delivered. They finally finished last week. Earlier this week the eaves were installed and painted...they look very nice.

Moving on inside - our SS also allowed us to make some small cosmetic changes to the positioning of the media alcove in the main bedroom - which now looks much better. We are also getting the prep work done for a laundry chute - which is pretty cool. All the A/C ducts were installed yesterday - and it now looks like some kind of alien invasion with all the metallic duct work. We are having a 23kw system with 8 zones, 2 master controllers and 6 individual zone controllers :). So every room can more or less set its own temperature with its own controller....pretty neat if you ask me. The electrians are coming tomorrow to do the rough-in....and our Home Theatre guys are coming around to run all the HDMI and speaker cables in preperation for the 100inch HD projector and surround sound :). On the weekend all our Networking cables will be installed (24 cat6 cables terminated under the stairs).

Next week should be the lower roof and insulation. The plastering should start the week after!

A picture from the front is below. I will add more internal pictures on the weekend.

Take care.