Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ready to rumble!!!

Wow - has it been over 5 weeks since my last post?

Lots of good news - and a little bit of bad to report.

First with the good news. Our pool DA got approved on the 6th October - which was our final approval needed before we could commence. Our friends who were living in the house moved out about 3 weeks ago - and we then had a demolition sale! We managed to sell the kitchen, bathrooms, some windows and all the air cons. Some crazy dude even ended up buying the old screen doors and toilets. Yes, that is right the TOILETS! This all thankfully boosted our fast dwindling fund reserves!

Now with the bad news :(
The demolition company had a look under the brick work and found a whole heap of asbestos. Apparently it must have been an old asbestos house that someone had bricked over in the 70's. This of course led to a big decline in our fund reserves (yes, much more than what our demo sale boosted them by).

Moving on now. The demolition started last Friday. I have attached a couple of blurry iPhone pictures of the progress so far. The demolition should finish up on Thursday - with the bulk excavation done on Friday. Our pool team will be coming next week or the week after to do the actual pool excavation and concrete formwork. Hopefully after this Wisdom can start with the actual house...yippee!

Till next time....