Sunday, September 13, 2009

DA Approved

We finally got our house DA approval on the 2nd September. Very exciting! We had to make a few slight changes to the plans in order to comply. First we have to install a privacy screen on the balcony - no big deal. Second we had to move the house back an extra 2.5m to bring it inline with the neighbours. Lucikly Wisdom had new plans drawn up in less than 10 days - and thus the reason the DA was approved so quickly.

Our current problems is that our Pool DA only went to council last week. We are planning on getting the demolition company to knock down the house as well as clear the trees where the pool is going to go - so we need to wait until that is approved before we can proceed with the demolition.

Our current tenants are moving out of the house at the end of the month - and we have then booked the demolition company for the 14th October (fingers crossed the pool DA is approved by then). This should also give us enough time for Wisdom to obtain the construction certificate.

We are hopeful that we will have at least a slab, frame and part of the brick work done before Christmas. At this stage we very much want to move in by the beginning of June next year.

I will post the 'new' plans on the blog this week. It is going to be a busy few weeks - as we have to make many of our final selections and sign off on everything before building can commence.

We cannot wait to start posting some progress pictures! There should be many - as we only live 5 or so minutes from the build..